Complain About Us

We aim to provide a consistently high level of service. We understand that there may be occasions when you may not be happy with the service you have received and we would ask that you let us know. We will try to address your concerns, learn from our mistakes and improve the service that we offer.

We recognise that complaints may arise from all aspects of our procedures. When an individual and/or organisation contact us, they should make clear why they are unhappy and how they believe we can resolve the problem (please note that we cannot offer financial compensation).

We will generally acknowledge receipt of a complaint about our service within one week. If we are able to, we will address the complaint and put right anything we have done wrong as quickly as possible. In normal circumstances, we will respond within four weeks.

If we are unable to respond within that time, we shall let you know. If we find that the complaint is justified, we will let the individual and/or organisation know what action we intend to take to remedy the problem.

If the individual and/organisation remains dissatisfied following the Chairperson’s response, they may make an external complaint to the charity commission here or to the Fundraising Regulator here