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Support secondary students who are committed to learning.

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Who are we?

The Dominica Secondary Schools Supporters Association (DASSSA) is a UK registered charity (No.1076882) with roots established back in early 1990s. Initially founded…

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Rianna Patterson & The Dominica Dementia Foundation

Rianna Patterson BSc. (Hons) is the founder and CEO of the Dominica Dementia Foundation   Rianna Patterson, a...
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Featuring Trish Cooke

Trish Cooke, a much loved children’s author, actor and scriptwriter, was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, to Dominican parents...
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To be recognised as an invaluable support medium for the educational development of the youth of Dominica, with particular emphasis on their secondary education.



We provide financial and motivational support to secondary students who are committed to learning in Dominica, but who are unduly challenged by their circumstances, and to centres of learning in need of aid.



…the Schools we finance, the Children we motivate and support, our Membership, and above all-our Patrons and Supporters


What people say about us
  • Dear Mr Defoe

    St Martin Secondary School expresses sincere thanks for the timely gift of a projector.  When Hurricane Maria struck, our original computer lab was de-roofed and most equipment lost from water damage and rust…

    …The receipt of seven Dell laptops from your organisation was just in time for our Term 3 examinations in June 2019 to complement the desktops in place for the largest class using that lab.

    …We are grateful for that donation.  Students were able to return to full use of the lab…


    Andra Christian (Ms)


    St Martin Secondary School
  • Thank you very much for this wonderful contribution to the Wesley High School. We will indeed use it for the enhancement of the teaching – learning process.

    All the best is wished for your group.

    Yours sincerely,

    Hermione Irish

    Principal, Wesley High School

    Wesley High School
  • Thank You Kathy for all your voluntary work. The work of your organization will not go unnoticed. We do appreciate this valuable contribution. This will go a long way  in our online teaching and learning.  This year we have been using the blended approach to learning this is a valuable  gift in that process.


    Chandler Hyacinth( Mrs)

    Permanent Secretary

    Ministry of Education & Human Resource Planning,

    Vocational Training & National Excellence

    Commonwealth of Dominica

    Ministry of Education & Human Resource Planning, Vocational Training & National Excellence


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