Associate Membership

Joining our Associate Membership is the easiest, fastest and most satisfying way of supporting our good causes and helping us achieve more.
  • No Application forms to complete
  • No Interviews or CV’s
  • No Meetings to attend or minutes to read
  • No fluffy animal photos or toys collecting dust.



      • 20% of Virgin Experience Days

      • 20% off merchandise

      • FREE to all DASSSA paying events

      • 60 minutes of FREE financial Advice

      • Twice yearly update

      • e-Newsletter

      • Join as a full member anytime

      • Consultation Voting on certain key decisions

      • Regular one-off discounts and vouchers

      • More benefits to be added

Every Full Member receives:

      • 20% of Virgin Experience Days

      • 20% off merchandise

      • 100% off DASSSA paying events

      • Vouchers

      • 30 minutes of FREE legal advice

      • 60 minutes of FREE financial MOT

      • Retail discounts (as they become available)

      • Voting rights

      • Committee membership

      • Full involvement in meetings and planning

      • e-Newsletter
  • Step 1: click the join now button
  • Step 2: Enter your amount and select your frequency (donation type)
  • Step 3: Enter your details