Thank you Letter From Saint Martin’s SS

St Martins Secondary School, Dominica

Thank you Letter From Saint Martin’s SS



St Martin Secondary School expresses sincere thanks for the timely gift of a projector (from DASSSA)


When Hurricane Maria struck, our original computer lab was de-roofed and most equipment lost from water damage and rust.  We have worked hard at restoring the structure by re-roofing and repair, renovation and replacement of computers and accessories.  That took well over a year.


The receipt of seven Dell laptops from DASSSA was just in time for our Term 3 examinations in June 2019 to complement the desktops in place for the largest class using that lab. 


Prior to then, the Information Technology (ICT) students had worked in pairs at the available stations or in alternate weeks shared the computer lab used for Electronic Document Preparation and Management (EDPM). 


We are grateful for that donation.  Students were able to return to full use of the lab in September 2019. 


Recently, the Information Technology teacher asked about the possibility of getting back a projector at the soonest time.  I was happy to be able to tell her about the offer from DASSSA and that there was actually a date for handover. This means that the projector moved straight from the ceremony to the Computer Lab CL1. 


Thanks very much.  We appreciate the gesture, and will do what is needed to address the Wifi issue. This collaboration with DASSSA has benefited our school and students. 


Thanks again.


Andra Christian (Ms)




DASSSA shares this thank you message with permission, and thanks our donors and supporters for their continued contribution in making this possible.

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